The February 25, 2017 issue of Creepy Campfire Quarterly will be the 5th issue to come out, and marks the completion of the anthology's first year in circulation. Therefore, Issue No. 5 is being re-labeled and specially themed as our one-year anniversary celebration by changing things up a bit and introducing the one-issue theme of Extreme Science Fiction Horror.

    Creepy Campfire Quarterly (CCQ)

Issue #5

     Science Fiction Edition

Publication date February 25, 2017

*Concept Cover*

 Table of Contents

All right, without further ado, here is the TOC reveal for the February 25, 2017 Creepy Campfire Quarterly special one-year anniversary Science Fiction Horror edition (notice that we added FOUR spots, so many good stories to choose from!). In no particular order, mind you. The ultimate tiered placement from 1st-17th in order inside the anthology won't be decided upon for a bit, and you'll just have to wait to get the issue to see that...CONGRATS to all the authors who dazzled my reading staff into picking their tales!

"Doctor Vilk and Studies Into the Mind in the Moments After Death" - David McCool
"Like A Soul" - Karen Bovenmyer
"Beatrix vs. the Robot" - Jeremy Gottwig
"Debunked" - Sierra July
"Species" - Ellen Denton
"100% Organic" - Nick Nafpliotis
"3:24" - Roy Bishop
"Eating Children" - Elana Gomel
"The Road to Hell" - Julie Frost
"The Nightmare Lights of Mars" - Brian Trent
"Approximations That Gradually Approach the Truth" - David Hoenig
"The American Way" - Douglas Ford
"Laundry Quarters" - Eric Del Carlo
"The Caretakers of Forever" - Tony Bowman
"Old Skin for the New Ceremony" - David Tallerman
"The Problem With the Apocalypse" - Ericka Kahler
"Pass It On" - Peter Olafson