Professional Editing Services

EMP Publishing is now open for editing services. Please query 'Dear Editor' at with the word count of your manuscript and what type of editing you are seeking, and you will be emailed an invoice via Paypal.

Editing services include: full content, copy, and critique. The professional rate equals $11/1000 words.

$8/1000 for basic copy editing. $10/1000 words for a basic copy edit plus professional formatting for publication purposes.

*If you further wish your manuscript to include full content editing including all above-mentioned provisions, plus professional formatting for publishing purposes, the rate is $12/1000 words.

We only accept Word .doc and .docx files, as all editing is done in the Review tab in Microsoft Office Suite, with 'Track Changes' ON, so any and all editing suggestions may be accepted or rejected by the author as you see fit.

Content editing will be presented in comment boxes next to selected sections of the manuscript, including suggestions on dialogue revision, rewrites, cuts and narration style.

Copy editing will appear in RED text within the manuscript, and can be accepted or rejected by the author.

Formatting suggestions will appear in RED text, with a vertical left hand bar in the manuscript, and all suggested changes can either be accepted or rejected by the author.

Critique of your work will appear at the end of your manuscript in RED text and will be no shorter than 250 words, outlining the strengths of your work (story or novel) and suggestions for improvement in content and structure, pacing and tense.

Ms. Word has been working as a professional editor for over six years. She has been on both sides of the editing experience. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Pepperdine University, with minors in both Education and English. Writing and Editing are her passion in life, and she loves working with fellow writers to improve their stories. She has extensive experience editing horror, but has also edited in many other genres, including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Autobiography, Memoir, and Military Thriller.To read more about Ms. Word's extensive editing experience, please visit her bio on the Authors page.

Please submit your manuscript in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

*We accept all genres of fiction, including erotica and extreme horror. However, we don't edit pornography or smut. We also edit creative non-fiction, in the form of Autobiographies and Memoirs. However, we do not edit academic papers, or research articles. In the event that we receive a manuscript we do not feel comfortable editing, due to content, the manuscript will be returned, unedited, and you will be issued a full refund, in this instance only.

Please e-mail your manuscripts and queries to, with "Editing Query" in the subject line, and I will message you back with an invoice through Paypal.

The turnaround on edits
  is roughly 60-90 days. We accept manuscripts up to 100,000 words. For queries on editing for beyond 100,000, please e-mail EMP Publishing for a revised quote at subject line: "Dear Editor/Query" at