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"I couldn't be happier with my new manuscript! EMP took my writing and delivered a document that I'm proud to distribute to potential publishers. In fact, I got more partial and full MS requests in the first month of sending my new edited and formatted manuscript than I've had in the past TWO YEARS with my old one. I can't believe how polished and professional it looks. I highly recommend EMP Publishing's services!" -S. Donoghue

"When I doubted my story, EMP Publishing read it over, gave me useful feedback and encouraged me to submit my work. Without their support I don't think I would've gotten my story Entangled Souls published." -Benjamin M.

"EMP is a Godsend. The suggestions and comments that they gave me for my manuscript are invaluable. Their editing is meticulous. They are true professionals that I would highly recommend to any writer in search of assistance." -Valerie H.

"I hired EMP to edit my short story and they did everything I asked and more. They were very fast and had my first edit back as soon as they stated they could. They have been a huge help and I plan on hiring them for any future editing jobs I may have. If you are looking for someone and are on a tight budget, EMP has the editor for you! Thanks for all your hard work." -Deanna A.

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