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EMP Publishing is currently closed to submissions for horror. We are now focused on inspirational, spiritual and Christian fiction & non-fiction, and all sub-genres of these categories, including memoir. If you would like to query a project in any of these categories, please message with a five-page sample of your work pasted into the body of your email, along with a short synopsis of your work, and include the title and total word count. EMP is currently looking for full novels, unless you have a novel-length (50,000 total word count or higher) collection of short stories or novellas. Please do not send single short fiction or single novellas. If your work is a collection of short stories or novellas, simply let the editor know and include a synopsis of three to five of the stories inside the collection. Please address all queries to EMP's Senior Editor, Ms. Jennifer Word. Response time to emailed queries is 1-2 weeks.

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This is the home of EMP Publishing ― Electromagnetic Pulse Publishing. We have a vast array of published anthologies available to read in the horror genre, including the sub-genres of science fiction horror, extreme horror, speculative and literary. Please visit the 'EMP Books' page to peruse available books to purchase and read.